Few words about The Recipe Trader. I have been cooking for 20+ years. I have worked in fine dining restaurants where I have learned how to create and plate awesome dishes. Learned about cooking techniques and flavor combinations.  I have worked for catering companies where I learned how to cater weddings to huge concerts. Learning how to feed large amounts of people but still keeping quality and care of the food items. Also worked in sushi bars where I learned the importance of great products with awesome preparation equals almost perfect food. To working a food truck where you have to be creative, different from the next but yet be fast and stay within a certain price range. I have worked in care homes for senior citizens and special needs people. Learning that seniors need special care but still need someone with passion preparing the food. Including working in so many other culinary fields. I have so many experiences good, bad, happy, sad but I have learned something from each and everyone of them. I have met so many great people that have thought me to be a great cook but also a even better person. I gain not only culinary skills but most important life skills.

On this blog, I’m here not only to trade great recipe secrets or cooking tips and ideas. But for eveyone to be a recipe trader and share experiences to better each other. Everyone is welcome to share secrets and tips with one another. I understand some recipes are family heirlooms and handed down from generation to generation. If you wish not to share that is totally fine too. To me knowledge of cooking should be enjoyed, as well as shared. If you just want to gain knowledge and inspiration on this blog, that’s totally fine. On this blog I not only share recipes of cooking or baking. But love sharing recipes for cooking inspiration and sharing how cooking lessons can be even used in everyday life. Thank you for joining The Recipe Trader. Lets trade awesome cooking recipes and even greater life recipes.